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The Windchill Factory

Stop-Motion Short

This is the story of Myron, his brother, and all their friends. They’ve known one another all their lives.Their days are filled with the one thing they’ve always done since before they can remember; wandering around aimlessly until an opportunity for adventure (and probably mischief) presents itself. These days there’s nothing in their dreary little town
as enticing to them as the ominous monolith that lives and breathes, high on a hill above their town called, The Windchill Factory. It’s always existed, its purpose long
forgotten, but it’s abundantly clear that its presence impacts everything. Once they figure out a way inside there will be no turning back, for them, their town, and very likely,
the whole world!


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Our main character. He is a quiet presence within the group. Conscientious of his brother Lips, he is the only one able to understand and translate accurately his grunts. A little bit timid but by no means not up for an adventure but more for the sake of being a witness to his friends behaviour than his own curiosity in such things.

He still secretly plays with toys in his room but he’d be mortified if anyone in the gang can ever find out. Lips likes to play with his toys as well and they actually have a lot of fun still together. If anything, one of Myron’s best qualities is that he excels at leading from behind.


Myron's older brother, who is like a younger brother developmentally. He is a big guy vertically and horizontally. Lips is helpful when the kids need some added height or muscle. He's unfortunately stinky, but his heart is always in the right place.

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Frankie & Lopsie

Twin sisters who are a bit of a yin-yang type of duo. Their charisma and initiative has turned them into leaders of the group. They think that they can finish each other's sentences, but they rarely do.

Frankie is an optimist, whereas Lopsie's dark sense of humor manifests a goth-type personality. They would be identical if Lopsie hadn't lost several fingers in the chain of homemade snow racer.

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Trogger is feral in many ways. His parents subscribe to a free-range approach to their son's development and, as such, have never disciplined him. Trogger is part antagonist and part hunger on. He wants his friends' attention and will go to extremes to garner it. If there's a dead body on the railroad track... Trogger may be the character who both wants adventure to see it and the one who killed them in the first place. He is always on or pushing his snow racer.


Jo-Hi is a quiet and thoughtful member of the gang. He is the runt of the group, but makes up for his stature by providing valuable insights and observations that others seem to miss. 

He is sensitive and poetic, similar to Linus of Peanuts fame. Jo-Hi is also famous in the group for his makeshift engineering skills. He is always the kid who shows up to your house to see what you're up to. 

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