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About NarrowMoat

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Joshua David Blum
Founder & Executive Producer

Having penned two hit songs, under the pseudonym Josh Joplin, Josh spent years touring North America, Europe, and Australia. Camera One was the first ever independently released song to reach #1 at Triple A and went to #17 overall on the Billboard Top 20. Jessica Lea Mayfield’s Blue Skies Again had over a million downloads on iTunes and was featured on Showtime’s hit show “The Affair” (Season 3). In 2013, he mostly retired from the road and what’s left of the music industry, and founded his production company, NarrowMoat to begin producing plays and films.

In 2020, his film, About Colonia, took home juried prizes at several festivals, including Best Actress at Queens World Film Festival.

That same year Josh began working with acclaimed artist/animator, Dena Springer. The pair co-created, Boys Clap, Girls Dance, a 10 minute animated meditation on on becoming and being. A lush nearstalgic visual story about, Girl, a pre-teen who exists in an artificially constructed world.  It recently won top prize for Best Animated short at the Boden International Film Festival and Best Song at Top Shorts LA.  It's making it's rounds at film festivals worldwide and has been selected to play at the venerable Chicago Underground Film Festival.  

NarrowMoat is currently in production on The Windchill Factory, a stop-motion dark comedy about the psychic trauma of unabated climate change and is also working on a covid-delayed, immersive modern dance piece featuring the music of Go-Go music pioneer, Rory “DC” Felton.

Josh still plays music with his critically acclaimed band, Among The Oak & Ash. 

His first children’s book, Polar Bears Are Cool, illustrated by celebrated artist and sculptor, Johanna Jackson, will be published…Someday! Josh lives in New York City with his wife, daughter, and their little dog, Spiegelman

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